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July 24, 2013

Guide on how to Make Money Online with dealdey here in Nigeria

Today i will be sharing my online experience with dealdey. After reading a

newsletter I received few minutes ago on how to make money online.

The Newsletter was titled 5 easy steps to make N10,000 from DealDey.

After going through this i pulsed for a while and gave it a real thought, i figured out it could be possible to make real money here i nigeria through dealdey.Making money online at DealDey is real.

You may be asking what is dealdey?

Simple and straight it is a website or an online store where people can

enjoy great discount on various items including restaurants,computers,

phones and gadgets.

I have been making some money from the site and have used my earnings to buy some deals on the site.

So, how do you make money with dealdey?

whenever you refer someone to the site and the person buys a deal, you will earn N1,000.

So, imagine if you invite 10 of your Facebook friends to dealey and they buy an item you are N10, 000 richer. So if you are serious with making money online why give dealdey a try.

Steps on how to make money online with dealdey:
  • Go to dealdey and sign up for your DealDey account 
  • Once successful, log in to your DealDey account and click on the "Invite a friend" tab. 
  • Mail your unique link to ten of your facebook friends. Be nice to tell them how to make good money online. You can also be sharing the unique link on Facebook. Twitter etc 
  • Click send 

Keep sharing your unique link everyday and keep checking your Dealdey

Remember to make money online requires time and patience so don't give up.
Wish you success!

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