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How to browse with Etisalat BIS on Android and PC for free

As Airtel telecom has stopped the Airtel Bis on non blackberry phones, so we have to create a means by which our users can access the web at a cheaper rate. Today we will be working on how to make Etisalat BIS work on android and PC.

NB: We have reports that the Airtel Bis which goes for #1,500 with a data cap of 2GB is still working perfectly for some users. But bear in mind that the airtel Bis will be off soon so before that, the Etisalat BIs is an alternative. 
The Etisalat Bis goes for #1,000 with a data cap of 3GB.

etisalat bis

Steps on how to browse with Etisalat BIS on android and PC

* Subscribe to a monthly Etisalat blackberry complete plan for #1,000 by

dialing the codes *499*3# or subscribe the weekly plan for #500 by dialing *499*3*1#.

* Once you have successfully activated the Etisalat one month blackberry complete plan, 

* Next is to subscribe for Etisalat blackberry Z10 daily plan by dialing *599*3*2#  which goes for #100 and a data cap of 15MB. 

To deactivate auto renewal of the blackberry Z10 plan dial *229*0#

* Set up a new access point like this

name: etisalat bis
apn: “blackberry.net”
username and password leave it blank 

NB: without the quote.

* Save and exit. Connect and surf.
Note: The blackberry Z10 daily plan will make the Etisalat servers to lose focus as these will help you browse with the BIS plan on non blackberry device.  

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