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December 12, 2013

Konga Christmas Treasure Hunt

Konga one of Nigeria's online retail store is here with the Christmas season. Konga is giving away 12 million Naira value to selected lucky winners during this season. Just few months ago they also gave away value worth  #2,000 vouchers to shop at their store which most of us benefited from. This time they are here with 12 days of Christmas Hunt which starts today. 

konga 12 days to christmas

I bet you most of us will win more than #10,000 to #20,000 vouchers this time only f you are smart. 
On each day, starting from today Konga will bury the prizes under the various photos of drummers drumming geese laying which represents the 12 days of Christmas in the store. 
All you have to do is to find one of these photos, hidden in the mix up buy it and check out before anyone does. Next is to choose pay on delivery as payment option and complete checkout.

  • DEC. 12 : Find a drummer drumming and win ₦2,500. Up to 12 winners.
  • DEC. 13 : Find a piper piping and win ₦3,750. Up to 11 winners.
  • DEC. 14 : Find a lord leaping and win ₦5,000. Up to 10 winners.
  • DEC. 15 : Find a lady dancing and win ₦7,500. Up to 9 winners.
  • DEC. 16 : Find a maid milking and win ₦10,000. Up to 8 winners.
  • DEC. 17 : Find a swam swimming and win ₦15,000. Up to 7 winners.
  • DEC. 18 : Find a geese laying and win ₦25,000. Up to 6 winners.
  • DEC. 19 : Find a gold ring and win N37,500. Up to 5 winners.
  • DEC. 20 : Find a calling bird and win ₦50,000. Up to 4 winners.
  • DEC. 21 : Find a french hen and win ₦75,000. Up to 3 winners.
  • DEC. 22 : Find a turtle dove and win ₦100,000. Up to 2 winners.
  • DEC. 23 : Find a patridge in a pear tree and win ₦250,000.
Just 1 grand prize winner!

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    nice one from konga