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Snap Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 has an update to v2.0

For blackberry users if you have been using Snap since before or after the release of the blackberry 10.2.1 update to load Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device,  this is good news as we announce to you that the latest version of Snap is now available for download. This update covers a lot which include visual styling of  apps along with some great features that many users have been asking for. Here is a full list of the latest changes:
                                       bb on android
  * You can download previously purchased apps!
*   New and imprroved layout for home screen
*  General performance improvements for remote images and API calls
*   With improved new Login UI which has a two step authentication and link to Help & Privacy Policy
*   New Settings includes generated Android GSF ID, cache size, version number
*  Added ability to Specify APK download location
The list goes down, but to make it simple, these are the selected few that are kind of unique to Snap. Kind of goes without saying, you’re going to want to get this one installed as soon as possible. If you’re already familiar with how to install it, then by all means hit the download link below.  

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