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September 19, 2014

First Hand Feel of Apple watch with specification and price

Apple watch

Actually,Apple has unveiled its much rumored gear which is an Apple Watch. With a first look of the wearable product live on stage during its press event this morning. The smart device is officially called Apple Watch, which pairs with iPhone, and gives all new experience of what is to come from Apple. 
Apple watch

Actually, one can notice from the view that Apple Watch has a traditional watch dial on the side of the device as an input mechanism for navigating the smart device.While Apple focused on making the device use the Digital Crown dial for navigation, it can detect touch input on the display and includes haptic feedback capabilities which comes with a “Taptic Engine” feature
Apple watch

The Apple watch display has a flexible Retina display, which is “laminated to a single crystal of sapphire, the hardest transparent material after diamond.” Other specs in the device includes accelerometer, gyroscope, while WiFi and GPS functionality comes from a connected iPhone. 
Apple also showed off few apps coming pre-loaded with the Apple Watch’s during the event, including music control feature for a connected iOS device or Mac, notifications (with haptic feedback), and the ability to swap out watch faces.

Apple watch
Apple Watch will arrive in three various models, which includes  Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition each having very unique features. Where the the Apple Watch Edition features high-quality materials like 18k gold while Apple Watch Sport model is designed with a rugged feel with tougher materials and the other models from the various lines feature  aluminum, leather, stainless steel and other materials.
The Apple watch price starts at $350



  1. love anything from Apple

  2. Douglas Paul7:54 am

    with this Apple watch still flying high, might per-order mine when it comes into Nigeria which might come next year but am ready to wait.

  3. I feel you there @ Douglas, the wait is quit interesting


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