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Microsoft finally announces Windows 10

Windows 10

Earlier today at an event in San Francisco, Microsoft finally announced the next version of its Windows operating system known as Windows 10 skipping a number.
Actually as expected, is definitely not in line with predictions, but also comes on the heels of rumor talk that it could pick up another title. Happily, most people to cover the operating system got the name wrong. I am among them.
Windows 10
With the launch of windows 10, Microsoft is bringing back a few features of Windows 7, which includes a redesigning the start menu that combines the basic Windows 7 menu with the (re-sizable) tiles of the Windows 8 start screen.Actually, Windows 8 Metro apps can now also open in a windowed mode on the desktop, so you won’t be taking into the full-screen mode by default and you can use a “modern” Windows 8 side by side with a standard Windows desktop app.

Windows 10

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