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July 21, 2015

Instagram now has Web search

Reports indicate that Instagram has rolled a new update, we have it that the mobile-centric service, "Instagram" now allows users on-the-go to snap photos of their vacations, brunches, sunsets, and more. But Instagram, which is owned by Facebook has slowly branched out to the Web, and this week it added the option to search from the desktop.
Instagram now has Web search

Thees service was announced today via Twitter which reads "The new ability to search for people, places, and hashtags online."

The new function is also already available to mobile users. Desktop users previously had to use third-party sites like Websta, OnInstagram, Gramfeed, IconoSquare, and FindGram for such service.

in 2012, Instagram first rolled out Web profiles, which allows you to see only your own feed. The following year, it added Instagram feeds to the Web. Laer aht year, Instagram started supporting Web embeds, allowing people to embed Instagram snapshots on their websites. This, according to TechCrunch, has been particularly successful, resulting in more than 5 billion impressions.

The new Web expansion comes about a month after the social network released a redesigned Explore tab wih an upgraded iOS and Android apps, which now shows a list of trending places and tags, as well as thumbnail photos from around the globe.

With these update, users now have a chance to search by location; it's now easier to find your next vacation spot or just scope out your new neighborhood. Also search across all usernames, real names, hashtags, and locations at once within the new "Top" section

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