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September 01, 2015

Airtel BlackBerry 10 Plan - Price & Codes

In as much as to cut down excessive data subscription on your blackberry 10 devices, Airtel Nigeria, One of Nigeria's telecom companies are equally trying their best to cut down excessive on data consumption as of today 
Airtel Nigeria has officially introduce it's blackberry 10 data bundles.
Airtel NG offers monthly, weekly, and daily data bundles. Here are Airtel BlackBerry 10 Plans with their activation codes and prices:
                                 BlackBerry Z10 Airtel BlackBerry 10 Plan - Price & Codes

Name of BlackBerry PlanDurationMaximum DataAccess CodePrice
Airtel BB10 Max - Month30 days1.5GB*440*7#3000 Naira
Airtel BB10 Max - Week7 days350MB*440*8#1050 Naira
Airtel BB10 Max - Daily24 hours50MB*440*9#200 Naira
Airtel BB10 Midi - Month30 days500MB*440*10#3000 Naira
Airtel BB10 Midi - Week7 days130MB*440*11#525 Naira
Airtel BB10 Midi - Daily24 hours15MB*440*12#100 Naira
Airtel BB10 Lite - Month30 days250MB*440*13#1000 Naira
Airtel BB10 Lite - Week7 days80MB*440*14#350 Naira
Airtel BB10 Lite - Daily24 Hours10MB*440*15#70 Naira

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