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Glo BlackBerry 10 Plan codes and Prices

In as much as we try to cut down excessive data subscription on from our network providers on your blackberry 10 devices, Glo Nigeria, One of Nigeria’s strongest telecom companies are equally trying their best to cut down excessive on data consumption as of today Glo Nigeria has officially introduce it’s blackberry 10 data bundles.                              Glo BlackBerry 10 Plan - Price & CodesGlo BlackBerry 10 Plan - Price & Codes
Glo Mobile currently offers monthly and weekly bundles. Glo BlackBerry 10 plans with their prices and activation codes:

Name of BlackBerry Plan Duration Maximum Data Access Code Price
Glo BB10 Max – Month 30 days 3GB Text maxmonth to 777 3000 Naira
Glo BB10 Max – Week 7 days 700MB Text maxweek to 777 1050 Naira
Glo BB10 Mid – Month 30 days 2GB Text midmonth to 777 1400 Naira
Glo BB10 Mid – Week 7 days 500MB Text midweek to 777 600 Naira
Glo BB10 Lite – Month 30 days 200MB Text litmonth to 777 1000 Naira
Glo BB10 Lite – Week 7 days 50MB Text litweek to 777 400 Naira

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