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Steps to UnRoot your Android phone

Today i be sharing a quick three step method to unroot your android phone fast, After getting several complaints about this, i decided to provide a short guide on this subject, so we can learn from each other. to unRoot your device is easy as ,long you know how to install an app from google play store you’re good to go. 

To UnRoot your android phone, follow the simple steps below
                               Steps to UnRoot your Android

Launch the SuperUser app, from the Options button and Tap on Settings.

  • Under settings, tap on Un-root and you be prompted to download SuperCleaner. Choose to download the app and wait till the download is complete and then choose to install.

  • Once installed, Navigate over to the SuperUser app and navigate to the un-root option under settings from the SuperUser app. The SuperCleaner app should be launched and you should automatically be taken to the more tools page.

  • Tap on the Un-root tool and choose to grant. You should get a notification stating Superuser app will be cleaned and your phone will be un-root. If you still want to unroot, tap on Un-root and you should get a notification stating un-root successful.

  • Reboot or Restart your android device and you  are good to go.

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