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Will You Use This 3000mah Belt Power bank

The big power bank craze is upon us, here in Nigeria with products ranging from Xiaomi, Romoss, Lumsing, OnePlus filling the electronic market with both fake and original items.

An interesting fact about these power banks, is that most of them are extremely quite heavy diffcult to carry around as they are not portable and light as expected. But what if it is systematically strapped around us. Wouldn’t that make it easier?! The answer is HERE.

A new Ion Leather Belt promises to give us that light and portable power bank, so that we get that On-the-go feeling and can still charge up our mobile devices on the go without feeling uncomfortable. This new power bank has a capacity of 3,000mah(basically just one full charge cycle for most smartphones) and an LED indicator for the battery level like a basic power bank should have. To Charge up this power bank, you need to insert the belt pin into the USB port. The charging of any device you have happens at the end of the belt where you can just insert a usb cord and feed your phone with mah power juice. 

            Will You Use This 3000mah Belt Power bank

NB: This is an ongoing project development that’s being funded on Kickstarter and it’s funding keeps growing by the day.

When it debuts, will you acquire it?

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