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Happy Birthday To The World’s First Website

Exactly 25 years ago, the first website was born by Scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee on his NeXT computer at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

                      Happy Birthday To The World’s First Website

He launched the website solely to educate people on how to set up a server and how to access content shared by others.

Happy Birthday To The World’s First Website

In case you are wondering where Mr. Berners is now, according to Engadget, “Berners-Lee is still as tightly involved with the web as he ever was, directing the World Wide Web Consortium he helped create. In fact, he’s pushing hard to protect the open web against both government censorship and telecoms’ attempts to crush net neutrality. CERN’s role, however, has changed somewhat. While it’s still embroiled in networking research (specifically grid computing), it’s more often known for smashing particles”

God bless your kind heart Berners-Lee, without you, we won’t have Google as we know it.

Image Source: CERN

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