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Leaked Images revel iPhone 7: ‘7C’ in Chinese presentation

If the leak from Theweek.co.uk can be relied on, it means that Apple is finally ready to add a new 4inch iPhone into the market known as iPhone 7C. With this feature Apple can take back markets featuring people loving small devices. 

iphone 7C
Credits Marek Weidlich

 China Mobile, China’s state owned mobile phone network, and the largest mobile network in the world with over 800 million users, has revealed the biggest hint so far that a small, likely 4-inch iPhone is coming early next year.

iphone 7
Credits Scavids

The mobile operator was hosting a presentation laying out their product schedule in 2016, when an attendee took a photograph of a slide showing that they will be handling the launch of an iPhone “7C” in April.

iphone 7C
Credits Scavids

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