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A Quick Fix for “Subscribing Failed” on MTN BB10 Data Packages?

We all must be wondering if the MTN BB10 packages has been stopped by MTN NG since they recently stopped MTN Xtra cool users from night calls. Because most of us have tried to subscribe but you always get failed probably because of their system upgrade.

The simple truth is that, MTN BB10 subscription packages has not been blocked by MTN even though giants like Facebook and WhatsApp turned their back on the amazing Blackberry, MTN NG won’t turn their back on them. They are currently running system upgrade that is why you get that failed error message.

                         A Quick Fix for "Subscribing Failed" on MTN BB10 Data Packages?

Here is a simple quick fix for now, DM your phone number and the MTN BB10 package you want to @MTN180 on twitter and it will automatically be done for you. Normal code is undergoing system upgrade and it will be fix soonest.

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