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How to Solve Infinix Hot Note X551 Charge Problem

One of its most relevant issue in Infinix Hot Note is the “Charging Problem” am proud to say i encountered this last night and am happy to inform you that i fixed it.

There are so many causes of slow charge or not charging of your Infinix Hot Note X551. But the most frequent on, is that your infinix phone came with a flash charge feature this makes charging the 4000mAh Battery extra-ordinary fast and still last for 7 hours.                                 How to Solve Infinix Hot Note X551 Charge Problem

  • First thing you need to do is check if your charge is not burnt or affected by high electricity voltage. You can do this by smelling it, if you have a blocked nostrils give someone else to passive it for you.

  • If the charger adapter is okay then you need to check your USB Cable. We both know the Infinix USB Cable that comes with the phone is of low quality. Replace it with another cable.

  • In my case, the USB Cable was faulty so i was getting a slow charge instead of “Flash Charge” after trying out with another cable i got back my quick charge.

  • If all of this options does not work you might need to restart your phone. Even after restarting the phone it’s still the same. You need to visit an engineer who’s skilled at phone repairs he might change or repair the charging port to get it working again.

Conclusion, cases like this should be handled with care as your Infinix Hot Note USB/Charging Port is the door to reviving your phone in any case of software related issue. I strongly advice you take your devices to CarlCare for repairs even if you are no longer covered by warranty your phone will still be taken good care of.

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  1. My problem is that my chàrger gets really hot when its flash charging my hot note…. Any remedy?

  2. My phone goes off as soon as I connect the charger any help at all

  3. mine was at 50% then it just went off and has refused to come on. i even plugged the infinix charger and there was no indication.


  5. My phone flash charges to a certain point then keeps charging but it won't add or drop, it remain stagnant

  6. my infinix x551 dont charge when turned on but charges when turned off

  7. I just change my charging port and I use BlackBerry play book charger to charge it and is very slow in charging and that is the charger am using for I went to change the charging point when it has fault after repair of the charging port is now very slow in charging it will take like 5 hr to full if my battery is low to 5% but am using that black berry play book charger to charge it

  8. the blackberry charger is not the right charger, because your infinix battery needs more power which the blackberry does not meet up. try compare, you see the specified current required on the charger head

  9. My infinix hot 4 does not charge when switch on. What can I do

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