How Tecno CAMON C8 helped TECNO Mobile Capture the Smart Phone Market in Africa

The July 2015 report on The Guardian have it that combined smart phone shipment share of tech giants SAMSUNG, TECNO and Apple in Africa, Q1 2015 at 55%. With this report TECNO mobile products are loggerhead with the world’s best and this time the OEM giant adopts a different market strategy to stand out in the competition.

“At TECNO Mobile, our reinvigorated goal is to be seen as the leader in mobile entertainment and our strategy is to target specific needs of different market segments with tailored products. For instance, this year we’ve launched our flagship music phone and camera phone, TECNO BOOM J7 and CAMON C8smart phones which are targeted at music lovers and picture aficionados. From our standpoint, every key smart phone feature that end users enjoy, should have a TECNO smart phone that is optimized to give the best experience of that feature in the market“.

TECNO phone for photo lovers
The Tecno CAMON C8 smartphone helped the company gain the photo loving fans with an amazing 13mp camera capturing at high quality, TECNO impressed mobile end users with CAMON C8, its flagship smart phone that boast low light cameras with dual LED flash.

How Tecno CAMON C8 helped TECNO Mobile Captur over 50% of the Smart Phone Market in Africa

According to Vane Ni, Director of Marketing TECNO Mobile.

“We understand the peculiarity of the African mobile market and using global best technology, we always strive to deliver mobile solutions best suited for African states, peoples and cultures. Our maxim is at the core of all our mobile innovations“.‘ 

Think globally, act locally‘.

How Tecno CAMON C8 helped TECNO Mobile Captur over 50% of the Smart Phone Market in Africa

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  1. Abeg, make techno pullover, I had a bad experience with their phone, unless they are giving me for free, I will not use my HARD earned money to buy it

  2. Very nice move from d King of smartphones

  3. Tecno is doing a very good job. CAMON 8 is a success story. The phone is whatever you make it

  4. The Camon C8 is the best smartphone i have ever held in my life. Long live Tecno

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