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Full Review of Glo Cheapest Data Plan For All Android, iOS, Blackberry & PC

 Currently “Glo data plans are the cheapest in Nigeria today”. believe me when i tell you, or probably someone has also told you this before you haven’t?

Ok. I am telling you now that Glo data bundles are currently the cheapest in Nigeria as of june 2016.

                       Glo now Cheapest Data Plan For All Android, iOS, Blackberry & PC


Even after MTN data plans (as well as other mobile network providers’ bundles) saw a dramatic increase in data allocation over the past few weeks, Glo mobile’s internet subscription still remains the most pocket-friendly in Nigeria (so far).
 LOL. We talking having 6GB of data for just only ₦2k. There’s also the mad option of getting 18GB for ₦4k.
It’s not a joke, and so far there’s been no catch.

Glo Cheapest Data Plan For All Android, iOS, Blackberry & PC For June ’16

  • GLO Daily Internet Bundles
Data plans in this category are currently the best in Nigeria at the moment. Think I’m wrong? Just see for yourself;
  • 30MB for ₦50



Ok, Globacom is high!




Few days ago, MTN bumped up their data packages allocated to their ₦100 day plan and GLO just made it seem like peanuts!
For just ₦50, you get 30MB allocated to you to surf the internet for 24hours.
This plan is just perfect for those times when you are out of airtime (and data) and really need to get something done ASAP.


To opt-in, Dial *127*14# Or Text “14” to 127
  1. 100MB for ₦100


Does anyone here still remember that time when one used to get this same amount of data for a thousand naira?


Chai! Those times were really horrible.
For ₦100, Glo gives you 100MB to browse the internet for a whole day.


To subscribe, Dial *127*51# Or Text “51” to 127
  1. 200MB for ₦200


More like an extension of the two previous plans, you can now get 200MB internet data allocated to you for just ₦200. Unlike plan 1 and 2, this one is valid for 3 good days.


To get this plan, Dial *127*56# Or Text “56” to 127



GLO Weekly Internet Bundles




They are two of them highlighted on Glo’s website, but only one of them is actually worth being on this article.


  1. 1GB for ₦500


Airtel and MTN offers 750MB for this same amount, but GLO thinks you deserve more than that.


Valid for over a week (10 days actually), you get 1GB Internet surfing data when you pay GLO ₦500 for their big week plan.
To subscribe, Dial *127*57# Or Text “57” to 127



GLO Monthly Internet Bundles
The data plans here are no joke, i believe that data resellers in Nigeria would have a tough time competing with this unless they could offer unlimited data for pennies (that would be the only reasonable option).
  1. 2GB for ₦1,000




This is not a joke, it actually works. On Glo, you get 2GB data allocated to you for ₦1,000 (0.5GB higher than what you’ll get elsewhere).
This plan would be convenient for most “regular” internet users (I’m thinking about my Mom right now) as the pricing is almost perfect.
Valid for 30 days, this bundle is one you should be using if you are on GLO and you’re a light internet user.
To opt-in; Dial *127*53# Or Text “53” to 127


  1. 6GB for ₦2,000




At only ₦2,000 GLO offers you an enormous 6GB worth of data which is valid for 30 good days!
If GLO Mobile’s internet service is solid in your locality, then this is by all means the plan to subscribe for on your smartphone.
But wait:
Before you start recharging, have a look at the next plan. I’m promising you, just reading about it will make your day.
To get 6GB @ ₦2k, Dial *127*55# Or Text “55” to 127


  1. 10GB for ₦2,500
Just adding ₦500 to the amount you pay for plan 6 gives you an additional 4GB!


Shey I told you this would make your day?
This plan like the other is only valid for 30 days, so if you are a heavy internet user (on a smartphone), this should by all means be your sub.
To get this plan,



Dial *127*58#








Text “58” to 127


  1. 12GB for ₦3,000
This one’s gonna be the bomb, not yet as the next plan will take your breath away.  This designed for Power internet users with good GLO coverage in your area, this is ment just for you. For just ₦3,000 you could be 12GB internet data richer for 30 days.
To opt-in,Dial *127*54#






Text “54” to 127


  1. 18GB for ₦4,000




I don’t know who is in charge of the “data allocation department” in GLO, but this guy deserves a candy, except internet connectivity is bad in your area, I see no other logical reason why this should not be the plan for you.
Also valid for 30 days, you are allocated 18 wonderful Gigabytes of internet awesomeness for just ₦4k
To get this, Dial *127*59# Or Text “59” to 127.


I’m tired of ranting.
There are still more awesome Glo monthly data plans (like 90GB for ₦18k), but to be honest I don’t know what to type around them so please pardon me and consume the summary below;
Opt-in Code
24GB @ ₦5,000
30 days
48GB @ ₦8,000
30 days
60GB @ ₦15,000
30 days
90GB @ ₦18,000
30 days
 GLO Night and Weekend Plans
  • 1GB for ₦200 (One night stand)



This is by far, one of the cheapest among its peers, but with such a mouthwatering price, there are perks.


This plan works only at night (from 12am – 5am) for just one night!
To subscribe,Dial *127*60# Or SMS “60” to “127”


  • 3GB for ₦500 (7 nights + full weekend)





Of all the sub-₦500 plans, this is the one I use and recommend.
Here’s the deal:
For ₦500, you get allocated 3GB of data for an entire week, but there are restrictions.
On weekdays (Mon – Fri), the plan only works at night (12am – 5am), but for Saturdays and Sundays, the plan works 24hours.
Remember though:
The plan is only valid for a week!
To subscribe, Dial *127*61# Or SMS “61” to “127”
Summing up, these are all the plans listed in this article;


Opt-in Code
Glo Daily Data Plans
30MB @ ₦50
1 day
100MB @ ₦100
1 day
200MB @ ₦200
3 days
Glo Weekly Data Plans
1GB @ ₦500
10 days
Glo Monthly Data Plans
2GB @ ₦1,000
30 days
6GB @ ₦2,000
30 days
10GB @ ₦2,500
30 days
12GB @ ₦3,000
30 days
18GB @ ₦4,000
30 days
24GB @ ₦5,000
30 days
48GB @ ₦8,000
30 days
60GB @ ₦15,000
30 days
90GB @ ₦18,000
30 days
Glo Night and Weekend Plans
1GB @ ₦200
1 night
3GB @ ₦500
7 nights + weekend

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