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How to Import Cheap Laptops from Suppliers in China

Now is the time to try out your hands on importation of laptops online, you have heard of websites that allow you buy new laptops as cheap as 30,000 Naira ($100) from China. With that in mind, AliExpress from Alibaba is one of such online companies and the biggest and most reliable of them all. Currently a 20,000 Naira laptop will seem impossible and underwhelming, as most times you get good ones but they are rare, but you would find good and quality laptops on AliExpress from top suppliers in China at unbelievably same low wholesale prices.

                           How to Import Cheap Laptops from Suppliers in China          

At AliExpress, you will find lots of leading Chinese suppliers including brands like Lenovo, Asus and Acer which are among world’s top PC makers. At AliExpress, you also get quality Laptops from less known Chinese brands like Hasee and even non-branded laptops and laptop accessories which are also bought at low wholesale prices. Laptops are available with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and below, Windows CE, Linux, and Android.

With over 200,000 Chinese exporters and manufacturers ready to serve you offering over 100 million products from mobile phones to laptops to clothes, shoes, and jewellery at wholesale prices. AliExpress stands from the crowd, because whether you buy just one laptop for personal use or you are buying in bulk to sell in your country you get them at wholesale prices. 

AliExpress is like an online shopping mall, similar like our konga and Jumia but with each supplier having his own store front. However, when you make payment for a laptop or any product to any supplier on the marketplace, AliExpress holds the money on Escrow until you have confirmed the products you ordered before releasing the money to the supplier. You will get full refund if the supplier fails to supply the laptop.
                  How to Import Cheap Laptops from Suppliers in China
Also be on the lookout for refurbished laptops, are traded as new laptops as most ones come very cheap.The marketplace is so big and large, that you can search for any laptop based on the exact specs you have in mind, like the operating system, disk capacity, screen resolution, screen size, color, RAM capacity, aspect ratio, and so on.
So If you can now start your retail business for laptops, Mobile Phones and computer accessories. All you need is AliExpress as suppliers are rated according to their reputation and customer satisfaction, you can also reach out directly to each supplier and discuss your terms and ensure you have what you want.

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