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Leaked: Apple to discontinue 16GB variants in iPhone 7

Few days ago, after the release of the very beautiful leaks of iPhone 7 device, a lot of iPhone users, enthusiasts and lovers have gone on to start looking forward on what to expect next device – the iPhone 7.

Well, we can now do away with some guesswork as a Wall Street Journal report has claimed that the least storage capacity you would have on the new iPhone 7, board will be 32GB. With this report gone are the days when Apple would use 16Gb variants as the phone base.

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This move would largely be, contributed to apple paying more attention to the voice of customers who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the low storage facility on-board, especially with iPhones not having a slot for additional storage anymore.
Rumors also claim that the iPhone 7 would have few physical similarities to the iPhone 6 and that the use of the headphone jack would not be discontinued. Also, lovers of the iPhone’s space grey color variant may have to opt for another choice – the deep blue – with rumors confirming to be in production.
With what we seen so far, these are still rumors and we can only keep our fingers crossed.

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