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Leaks: Xiaomi Set to Launch A “MacBook Air” This Month

For those that have used any of their devices, you testify that these guys mean business and their obsession with anything Apple means they create anything, thou not exactly the Apple’s Macbook Air, but with the recent hint from their Forum we should be expecting something that looks like the Apple Macbook air.

Leaks: Xiaomi Set to Launch A “MacBook Air” This Month

Is now clear that Xiaomi will be delving into Notebook business, with their laptops taking up Apple’s MacBook style of designs. 

However, the leaks indicate that instead of regular Apple specs, we might also be looking at high-end specs. To be precise, the supposed Xiaomi’s Macbook Air might be powered by a Core i7-6500U running at 2.5 GHz and would use an 4GB/8GB of RAM.

                 Leaks: Xiaomi Set to Launch A “MacBook Air” This Month
Also from the leaks , we noticed the presence of the USB-C port for both power and video outputs, 

   Leaks: Xiaomi Set to Launch A “MacBook Air” This Month

we do believe that the Xiaomi’s Macbook Air will be as strong as any trending laptops out there, on the pricing this is one thing that Xiaomi didn’t copy from Apple, it’s the pricing system, hopefully, Xiaomi’s “Macbook Air” with the high-end rumored specs will follow a different direction giving us huge price benefits…. Or not.

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  1. would it not be better if xiaomi sticks to their mobile market , where they are having success already

  2. this company Xiaomi is here to stay, they’re not joking…

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