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LG Set to launch Foldable Display Smartphone Early as Next Year

To win customers and have their loyalty, smartphone manufacturers need to be innovative to stay ahead of competition, and have more sales in the market.
LG is one company that truly understands this but the company has low sales which can be linked with inefficient marketing strategies. Besides its low sales  LG has always been innovative with its products, which brings us to their latest innovation, smartphones with foldable displays which may be released as early as next year.

                     LG Set to launch Foldable Display Smartphone Early as Next Year

LG already has smartphones with flexible smart displays, LG G Flex series. But these devices do not have foldable displays but rather slightly curved ones that give the phone an arc-like appearance.
With the LG Flex series already on the market, LG is believed to be working on a new series of smartphones with true foldable displays. According to reports, it seems that the company has moved its foldable displays projects from research labs to the development phase. This an only indicate big steps towards mass production. it also reports that the displays are licensed using technology from Canadian company IGNIS Innovation, the displays can be folded to be convex or concave. 
The CEO of IGNIS has already confirmed that smartphones with foldable displays are coming. He is quoted saying, “People are going to witness foldable smartphones that can become tablets when they are spread open within couple years.”
It is still unclear if the CEO of IGNIS was talking about the LG foldable  smartphones, unless there are other manufacturers working on such devices.

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