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PayPal bypass Nigeria, for Zimbabwe to Receive Funds Online

I can’t beliebve what am seeing, despite the facts that Nigeria was ranked 3rd in Mobile shopping with China and Indian taking the 1st and 2nd postion respectively, PayPal boldly neglected Nigeria and frog jumped to Zimbabwe giving them access to receive funds in their country. 

Few years ago, PayPal launched it’s  services in Nigeria and some other African Countries including Zimbabwe, but we where not allowed to receive funds which they limited us to only send funds with Paypal including the verified Paypal accounts..

                                 PayPal bypass Nigeria, for Zimbabwe to Receive Funds Online

What got me upset is that,  i have signed the PayPal petition to enable us receive fund in Nigeria signature on change.org, yet no positive result, but instead they choose to enable the received fund features in Zimbabwe meaning they can now send and receive funds via PayPal. I know a lots of people who had lost many jobs online because of the inability to receive funds via PayPal in Nigeria. 

I still don’t know why PayPal bypass Nigeria and pitch her tent only in Zimbabwe. This is inconclusively long overdue. 
PayPal, when will you enable the receive funds feature in Nigeria?

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