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Google’s version of iPhone Facetime video app begins rollout.

For android users that have been admiring the iPhone, for the fact that when you want to make a video call you remember “Facetime,” then you are part of the reason Google Duo was created. 

From what we know Google Duo, a new more user-friendly video chat app that works exclusively on mobile phones, is getting released today, to take on Facetime.

Google’s version of iPhone Facetime video app begins rollout.

To show you how simple how Duo works. It’s available on both Android and iPhones. When you sign up, Google Duo will check your phone contacts and then sends you a confirmation text, and you are done with the whole setup process. 

Hence all you need to enjoy Duo is your phone number, and the phone number of your Partner-in-chat. Google Duo also has a new feature it’s called “knock-knock” that gives you live video from your caller before picking up the call.

First Things to take off from Google Duo

  • Knock Knock only works with people you already have saved in your phone contacts, so strangers won’t show up. 
  • You can also block a caller if you like, but also know that blocking a caller on Duo blocks them everywhere. 
  • Last, you can turn the feature off entirely if you don’t like it.
Google’s Duo begins its global roll out today, but upon visiting the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store, it still shows the pre-registration button, so we update this article accordingly once it is available either officially or through the APK mirror.

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