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Pokemon Go : How to download and Play on iPhone and Android In Lagos Nigeria

Pokemon Go game is the trending App in the mobile gaming world, which top smartphones are rocking in full, If by any chance, this your first time of hearing about Pokemon Go, then trust me, you are really missing out on this augmented reality game. 

Pokemon Go was released in past week, and has captivated the attention of millions, serving as most downloaded both on Apple store and Google Play store. it also tops twitter in daily users and has higher engagement levels than Facebook, it’s that addictive.

                                     Pokemon Go : How to download and Play on iPhone and Android In Lagos Nigeria

The Pokemon Go game basically uses your phone’s camera and GPS functionalities as Pokémons, however, it isn’t available in Nigeria yet. But will you let that stop you? ……. Of course not. for those who are eager in getting their hands on the game, both iPhone ans Android users, we’ve got what you need.


There are several ways to do this ,not to worry we show you only the simplest method, which is downloading the apk app directly.

  • To download Pokemon Go on your Android device, head over to Apk mirror and search for Pokemon Go or click Here It is harmless and malware-free. Anyway, after downloading, I couldn’t find any Pokemon to capture at home or the office, but I was able to catch two Pokemon around Civic Center and Lekki Toll Gate, also play with caution as the game is very addictive.

                 Pokemon Go : How to download on iPhone and Android In Lagos Nigeria


Downloading the Pokemon Go on an iPhone isn’t as easy as the Android version but you can still get that done in few clicks.


  • First of all, log out of your App store account ( Go to settings > iTunes & App store, app on Apple ID and choose to sign out)
  • Now, change the region of your iOS device ( Go to settings > General, navigate down to Language & Region and tap on it, choose a region where the app is playable mostly US and Europe).
  • Now, download Opera Free VPN and launch the VPN app or click HERE
  • Download the Pokeman Game (click Get, and create new ID)
  • A required Information page will appear, where you will verify your email.
  • Download the Game and you are good to go.

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  1. no pokemon on the main land *sad*

  2. I have actually encountered a lot of Pokemon. I work on the mainland and while sitting at my desk in the office I have caught a ton of them (with great variety too).
    The only thing I think we are seriously lacking is PokeStops. Protea Hotel which was a stop 2 days ago is now no longer a stop and now the closest one is Lagos Country Club. Besides those 2, I haven’t seen any in the G.R.A, Ikeja area

    • There are quite a few Pokestops at ikeja: Adeyemi BERO Auditorium, Lagos Secretariat central Mosque, Chapel of Christ the light church,

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