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September 21, 2016

Google Allo : Is Smart Messaging App Designed for You By Google

Google just released the latest, messaging app in town and I bet it will make Facebook think twice. Reports have it that Facebook are working to integrate bots with Messenger, while Google was busy building a messaging app around the best bot, there is "Google (googl,)search" .

The latest messaging app Google Allo, is now available for download, connects Google search with many of the best features, you are accustomed to using in other apps.

                          Google Allo: Is Smart Messaging App Designed for You By Google

Also, it's similar Video Calling App Duo, a dedicated video calling app, is rocking flawlessly and user friendly even with slow internet access, Duo is a dedicated video calling app while Allo is a dedicated instant smart Messaging.

Both Google's Duo and Allo are connected to your phone number rather than Google account, which are comparable to the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage

Google Allo carries lots of similar features which includes

  • Group chatting,
  • stickers packs
  • You can set messages to expire.
  • Dedicated mobile Assistant, which can be called upon with the "@Google" command can readily answer your questions.  

The only feature missing in Google Allo, is the ability to make video and audio calls. 

Where Can I Download Allo?

  • For Android users, download it here
  • For iOS users, download it here

Note, it is still rolling out to countries gradually...
Google Allo is a smart messaging app.

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