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Quick Fix to Your Tecno Camon C8, C7 and C9 Problems Here

We should have done this a long time ago but Today, we take a look on Tecno Camon C9 problems, a premium smartphone in the “CAMON” series and still stands as the prettiest one till date. With a stylish looks with a special feel more better than what it costs in stores nationwide.

Quick Fix to Your Tecno Camon Problems Here

Our job is to make you happy and give you favorable solution to your smartphone. We know that one way, or another your device will give you migraine headache, so here you can be able to fix it using our simple guide.

List of Popular Tecno Camon C9 Problems and Fixes

NOTE: If you have a specific problem with any Tecno Camon Smartphone, post it in the comment section and we will update the post with your solution.

  • Can’t run two apps at a time on my Tecno camon c8

This version of Tecno Camon C8 has 1GB RAM, which causes multi tasking issue, however you can upgrade your smartphone to Tecno HiOS latest interface, Also uninstall apps that you are not using most especially background apps and it will help you do more things at the same time.

  • My Battery dies very fast on Tecno Camon C7

The main reason why your Tecno Camon C7 or Camon C9 battery dies fast is because some applications are busy consuming your battery at the background. which can be fixed by

Go to settings, app >> battery, see the lists of applications consuming your battery, disable them. Go back to settings >>Apps >>;Click on individual apps and clear their cache but don’t touch Google play services and google play. Reboot your device and you are good to go.

  • Cannot set up Fingerprint sensor: 

Not been able to setup the fingerprint ID on your device is a big issue for most users. To solve this set up your Tecno Camon C9, the fingerprint sensor, just go to

Settings >> Security and set up your fingerprint. Before setting this up, make sure your fingers are well cleaned and dry to avoid any errors. also if you encounter any problems while doing this, simply use the comment box.

  • Cannot download Apps from Google PlayStore: 
Another familiar one, not able to download from Google play-store, which is easy to fix but can be stressful when you start experiencing this. If you encounter this error,

simply go into settings and remove your Google account then go clear app data for Google Play-store. Add your account again and you can now download from PlayStore.

If you need further help or clarification on your Tecno Camon smartphone, leave a comment below.

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  1. My Tecno Camon C9 doesn't ring out when calls are coming in, however there are notification sounds. I have tried changing the settings but no result, please help.

  2. the screen is not displaying. but can take photo and visible only when you take photo

  3. Enter your comment…i cannot connect to the internet with my tecno c9.i tried to reboot it but i cannot connect to any thing

  4. I cannot connect some of my apps in my tecno C9 like wats app, Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, Gmail and others but can still access YouTube, Google…

  5. I cannot connect some of my apps in my tecno C9 when the Internet is on like wats app, Facebook, snap chat, Instagram and others but can still access some like YouTube, Google .

  6. please, help me how to modify call answering mode on my tecno c9;i can not answer a c all sometimes???

  7. please, help me how to modify call answering mode on my tecno c9;i can not answer a c all sometimes???

  8. my c7 swipe is not working. I can't leave the lock screen nor pick calls

  9. My tecno c9 drain battery fast I don't know why please help

  10. HI, I can't access my photos from my c9 plus phone even after following the prompts. I can't also download photos and videos from my whatsapp

  11. My tecno camon C9 cannot send messages to short codes, like a five digit no (30388). Please help me out.

    I have tried to go to settings, apps, messages, but I can't find ….allow premium messages.


  12. My camon c8 network bar dosent comes up at despite all effort made by me please help me out guys

  13. My problem is that for two days now my phone become with internent trouble bt atleast other website i can enter but no these social network like whatsapp facebook, instergra wonderful enough data is on and i enter told me cannot connect check your connection my phone id c7

  14. I cant open my bank mobile apps on my camon c7, pls wat can i do?

  15. C9 turned down and doesn't start.. it screens danger signal on the hios signe and some chinese words

  16. When I open YouTube in my tecno c8, after 1 to 2 minutes it close itself and go to the home screen, even if I close all apps running in background.

  17. My C8 isn't sending with Bluetooth, the hotspot too and unfortunately, my phone has stopped reading when I connect it to my laptop

  18. My Canon C8 is abysmally slow in processing anything. Worse off, I can't make a good phone call; people never seem to hear me when I speak into the phone, though I hear well from my end.

  19. I can’t hear my voice recording or videos I shoot with my tecno camon c8.

  20. Camon 9

    After updating my hios, some app cannot connect with internet

    I’ve not been able to use the Radio ever since I bought this camon 9

  21. Since yesterday my home and recent apps key button on my C9 stopped working although the lights on them are still showing. When I close the screen cover the round watch doesn’t show. Double tap no longer wakes my screen up and notifications no longer appear on my notification bar though I hear the notification sound. I don’t know what’s wrong.

  22. My techno canon c7 is refusing to pick calls when the screen is locked please help

  23. my c7 is unable to beautify my images. what can be the cause

  24. Does camon c7 come with a fingerprint security? If yes, kindly explain how to set it up. Thanks

  25. My c9 can not connect my hot-spot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, I tried factory reset but the issue still persist, what can I do

  26. Need to add a contact to emergency call to call it when screen is lock

  27. Hi. I’ve not been able to receive calls on my tecno canon 7 for some days now. I can call out but anyone that tries to call says my line is always busy. I also don’t receive notifications on the phone anymore. I’ve checked my settings but no changes. Pls help.

  28. My techno camon 9 îs not responding to screen touch ,attempt to power off failed.
    Changed language to chinese

  29. my tecno c8 keeps on poping up new apps for installation when its on…. hw do i stop that!??

  30. i pressed deny instead of accept for my tecno c7 camera and its not showing the camera again. what will i do

  31. Arnold Elibariki

    Some apps( including Instagram) in my tecno c8 do not respond.I tried uninstalling and instaling them but still the fail to respond.How do I fix this problem ?

  32. please anytime I fix my phone to charge it won’t work except I switch it off, help me out pls tecno c8 cammon, thanks, remain blessed

  33. my tecno c9 is not chargin after charge is over

  34. My c9 is very slow in its function pls wat should i do

  35. i seem to have press something on my Camon 7, i can call people but anyone trying to call me gets a “busy” response and their calls terminated. please what do i do. the last thing i remember was checking out the “dont disturb” feature on my phone. please help

    • Charles Johnson

      you accidentally activated the “dont disturb” feature, so you need to deactivate to start working normally

  36. my camon phone has a touch pad problem where can I repair it and the price in imo state

  37. Please Help,After upgrading my C8 couldn’t load the main home page.Its hard for me to access all the apps on it ,since I could not get to see all the windows…Its keeps delaying loading and nothing ever shows up just loading …..I did off and on the phone it never stops and never allow me to open anything through the main (Home)…Please Help.

    • Charles Johnson

      seems the update didn’t complete successfully, clear the cache and also maybe hard reset your phone.

  38. Hi
    I connected my camon c7 to a Bluetooth headphone but I cannot receive calls with the Headphone. I tried with another phone and it worked.

  39. My “phone audio” refused to check on

  40. I can’t access whataspp or my messenger. And I can’t make use of my subscription with my camon c9, plss what should I do.

  41. I just got my Tecno Camon C7 but the sim in the sim2 port is not being identified

  42. My phone techno c9 is one problem do not charged when phone is on but is charge phone is off

  43. My techno c9 Bluetooth slows down to turn on after system updates

  44. i cannot not touch some part of my phone screen on my techno camon 8. most especially the edges part.

  45. My tecno camon c9 wifi hotspot switches off immediately when I put it on, and I have to go on and on and on before it remains on. This problem started 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    Pls what is the solution.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  46. My phone camon c8 is is not responding to screen touch again the back button what should i do

  47. I used a friend’s charger to charge my tecno C9 ,it did not charge and said high voltage charger.. since then i have not been able to charge..when you plug in the tecno charger nothing happens..its off low battery

  48. My Tecno C7 Hotspot goes of by itself a few seconds after i put it on. nothing can connect to it. i have hard reset and restarted my phone severally but this problem persists. Please help.

  49. when i connect my ear piece to my c8, it recognises it but doesnt work… and the battery runs down easily and if i try to make calls with it , the person on the other end of the call would hear me but ill not be able to hear the person

  50. My tecno c9 phone is still showing charging wen the charger is not being plug

  51. I can’t download or upgrade any app with my camon c8. I’ve tried removing my google account, clearing the cache and adding back the account but to no avail.

  52. Kindly help please.

    My c9 hangs alot,play store isnt working, and I have 13gb left for internal storage but yet it says the phone space is full.

    Kindly assist please

  53. My Techno C9 sometimes fails to charge and only indicates battery low while connected to power source (Charger). Now it has completely failed to charge at all. What could be the solution?

  54. People cannot hear when I called please what can I do

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