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Quick Fix to Your Tecno Camon C8, C7 and C9 Problems Here

We should have done this a long time ago but Today, we take a look on Tecno Camon C9 problems, a premium smartphone in the “CAMON” series and still stands as the prettiest one till date. With a stylish looks with a special feel more better than what it costs in stores nationwide.

Quick Fix to Your Tecno Camon Problems Here

Our job is to make you happy and give you favorable solution to your smartphone. We know that one way, or another your device will give you migraine headache, so here you can be able to fix it using our simple guide.

List of Popular Tecno Camon C9 Problems and Fixes

NOTE: If you have a specific problem with any Tecno Camon Smartphone, post it in the comment section and we will update the post with your solution.

  • Can’t run two apps at a time on my Tecno camon c8

This version of Tecno Camon C8 has 1GB RAM, which causes multi tasking issue, however you can upgrade your smartphone to Tecno HiOS latest interface, Also uninstall apps that you are not using most especially background apps and it will help you do more things at the same time.

  • My Battery dies very fast on Tecno Camon C7

The main reason why your Tecno Camon C7 or Camon C9 battery dies fast is because some applications are busy consuming your battery at the background. which can be fixed by

Go to settings, app >> battery, see the lists of applications consuming your battery, disable them. Go back to settings >>Apps >>;Click on individual apps and clear their cache but don’t touch Google play services and google play. Reboot your device and you are good to go.

  • Cannot set up Fingerprint sensor: 

Not been able to setup the fingerprint ID on your device is a big issue for most users. To solve this set up your Tecno Camon C9, the fingerprint sensor, just go to

Settings >> Security and set up your fingerprint. Before setting this up, make sure your fingers are well cleaned and dry to avoid any errors. also if you encounter any problems while doing this, simply use the comment box.

  • Cannot download Apps from Google PlayStore: 
Another familiar one, not able to download from Google play-store, which is easy to fix but can be stressful when you start experiencing this. If you encounter this error,

simply go into settings and remove your Google account then go clear app data for Google Play-store. Add your account again and you can now download from PlayStore.

If you need further help or clarification on your Tecno Camon smartphone, leave a comment below.

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  1. I can’t download or upgrade any app with my camon c8. I’ve tried removing my google account, clearing the cache and adding back the account but to no avail.

  2. Kindly help please.

    My c9 hangs alot,play store isnt working, and I have 13gb left for internal storage but yet it says the phone space is full.

    Kindly assist please

  3. My Techno C9 sometimes fails to charge and only indicates battery low while connected to power source (Charger). Now it has completely failed to charge at all. What could be the solution?

  4. People cannot hear when I called please what can I do

  5. Kindly help me please!
    My tecno camon C8 camera is stucking every now and then especially the selfie camera and videos. I’m really facing a hard time especially in taking selfies please kindly assist in this.

  6. my camon 7 does not turn on bluetooth when i turned it on and when it comes up it is difficult to turned of unless i restart the device also my hotspot doesnt last up to a minute it goes off on its own. what could be the problem?

  7. please, how much can i repair my techno camon 9 phone screen, because the previous one is damage.
    i need you to tell me the price in Naira please

  8. My techno c9 write cellular network not available when i need to call someone, but able to use data to enter in social social network? kindly assist please

  9. My tecno c9 doesnt switch on anymore after system update 🙁 it only shows the tecno logo, how do i fix this

  10. My C8 hangs after a brief usage, what could be the solution to this mess pls.

  11. Ibrahim sekinat

    My tecno camon c7 does not connect to a p.c when trying to transfer files through the u.s.b cord. It onli connect wen i click tranfer photos not files. Pls wat can i do concerning dat.

  12. My tecno w4 battery drained , and ever since my phone has not come on nor charge only shows the red led light when plugged to a power

  13. I have been enjoying my techno c8 3g network, but lately if I put it on 3g, the network goes off, and unstable. But once I bring it to 2g it is stable and very slow when browsing. Pls what should I do

  14. adamson Martins

    My techno C7 phantom does not longer log in password is manfuntioning and now when iI switch the phone on it does not longer come on again cos I try to switch it On. I also notice a feit crack on the down part of the screen! Could that be the reason while the phone could not power On what did I need to Do please am worried alot Thanks

  15. I can’t browse on Instagram and I can’t access my WhatsApp with my canon c9, its really frustrating

  16. I dont av audio wen i do record videos on ma camon c8 wht shuld i do

  17. Is it possible to replace the C9 battery much as I know it is non removable. My current one goes off too soon.

  18. My techno c9 camera keeps on popping up by itself when I’m doing other activities with my phone..it takes 40 pictures by itself and saves in gallery. .this is really annoyiNG and irritating as I can’t even text or call for a minute without the camera popping up all over again to take pictures. .what do I do .. it’s really bad

  19. My C9 touch just got cracked whiles there is a glass protector on… Can I please change the touch only?

  20. Jennifer Alalibo

    i use tecno camon c7 be4 it is screen shoting but now not any more

  21. Pls, c8 up panel is needed, where can i get it to fix my phone back. Thank you.

  22. Pls, c8 up panel is needed, where can i get it to fix my phone back. (08062316409) Thank you.

  23. Please help me my tecno camon c7 recent apps button and home button no longer works…. Even when I close the screen the clock no longer shows….help me oo

  24. please help me my tecno c9 battery always drop to 0% after 60% and it will switch off and it’s not up to a year

  25. hello there, I just got this camon 9. but I barely was able to download 6apps and it started slowing down the system saying storage space is low. I still have about 14gb free internal storage but yet I have to delete files first to be able to multitask. I recently got an 8gb memory card to save my data but my phone still slows down. I have barely used 2gb from the internal storage for apps, media files etc and it pops up with “152” mb free. but checking settings and clicking on storage i have 14.39gb free space. its frustrating when the phone hangs please what can I do???

  26. Hi, my Techno C7 hot-spot and Bluetooth doesn’t connect.
    I put on the hot-spot,it comes on and in less than 5secs goes off again,same thing over and over again
    the Bluetooth doesn’t just connect anymore..its a recent problem as it was working before

  27. I can’t on my Wi-Fi Bluetooth or hotspot In my tecno Carmon c9…i have resat it several times but all to no avail… I have even Flash it and the problem still remains … Please I need help

  28. I have data on my techno c9 fone, but My watsapp is not coming up except am using a Wi-Fi. It just started recently.

  29. My tecno camon c9 hangs so much

  30. My Tecno L9 plus has issues when I click on display.it says “adaptive display is active or on” and won’t launch. Please advise.

  31. my camon c8 is not displaying front camera on the screen , why

  32. My C9 hangs while taking photos, until I switch it off
    What is the issue, every after 2/3 photos it goes of especially when flash is on.

  33. 1.I can only make calls on my Camon c9 but can’t receive.
    2.it,s not showing notifications
    3.the minimize and the home button is not functioning
    4.i can’t download from Google Play Store


  35. minimize button doesnt work and device always on do not disturb

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