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Update – TStv Will be Giving Out Free 5000 Decoders This Week

get ready as more goodies will be rolling from Tstv, as the CEO today confirmed that 5000 decoders will be given away to Nigerians free of charge across the country to test her services.

According to the CEO, they had planned to release the 5000 free decoders during the launch but the crowd was too much, which promoted a reschedule of the free give away.

The Tstv test decoders are going out all for free, as the first users will be testing their services in the whole 36 states for two weeks after which commercialization and sales of TStv will resume officially  1st of November.

With this release, If you paid anyone to get the decoder, you are advised to go back and collect your money because the test decoders are free of charge.

Watch the video below

Expect more info soon.

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