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Download Telegram Messenger For Blackberry, Java and Symbian Phones Here

This is going to be my first post this year, hence we can start with this, and I’m really not writing much this time… also as we enter the new year, as many of us that are agitating to have a blog of their own but don’t know how to go about it, you can contact me let me help you out but will charge you a token. 


As for today, i will to introduce to you, a new messenger known as Telegram Messenger, which is currently one of fastest growing Messaging app that might soon replace whatsapp Messenger. Just recently discovered that many people find it very difficult to use the Telegram Messenger on their device. However, I created an alternative download link to access the Java/Symbian version and Blackberry Os7 users. For those using Blackberry Os10, just look up the app in Blackberry AppWorld.
For Java and Symbian Users, you can download from here
For Blackberry Os7 users, you can access it from here
For easy access, you can connect through your browser, just follow the steps below:-

  • First of all, proceed to Webogram
  • From the screen select “Start messaging“ icon.
  • You will be requested to fill your phone number. 
NB: Enter your mobile number with your country code.
  • Select the next icon and they will send a code to your phone
  • Once, they verify the code, you can proceed to your browser and start chatting.

Once you are fully activated you can drop your number, so i can add up on Telegram messenger.

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  1. hello.I've triedto dowload the symbian app, but my antivirus says it is infected with a trojan… ¿could you please send it to me via e-mail?

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