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Opinion: How Have You Been Making Payments Online?

With the recent changes in the Nigerian Fx market, we received some of your questions all channeled around “How Have You Been Making Payments Online?” which is burning question on the lips of anyone that has interest to pay for any product or service. Buying online today is now a normal thing for most of us especially those who buy from foreign sight like Amazon, AliExpress, Gearbest and eBay etc.

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Opinion:How Have You Been Making Payments Online?

But since the announcement on limitation on most of the MasterCard and Visa Card by CBN, some of us have been facing numerous challenges to make purchases online. Even if your MasterCard or Visa Card are linked with Nigerian PayPal, once your purchases or transactions exceed a particular amount, it will be declined.

Some banks like GTB MasterCard have purchase limitation of $100 per month while Access seems better with a limitation of $200 per month; but I have discovered that to be able to make payments online without any issues, you need to start making use of Dollar MasterCard which has been bailing us out of all online purchases.

But you need a Dom account, to be able to pay with a dollar loaded master card or Visa card, from any bank of your choice, just walk in and request for the form and follow the requirements.

Checkout : Guide to Open A Domiciliary Account So we like to hear your suggestions for those of us who don’t make use of Dollar Master Card, ways you been making your online purchases from foreign sites?

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  1. 100% true and real. I use Access Visa card

  2. Please Sir, can you tell me where and how you bought your dollar….I want to open the account tomorrow ….. Or can you give me your number

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